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Discover Re-shape Your Well-being and Your Age

Your reproductive age is that the age in which the body is anticipated to function. Use it in order to see if generating lifestyle and other changes may influence the way you era later on.

How Index Will Work


Measure 1 ):

Purchase Index and we're going to ship it to you personally. Just ship a spit sample back once again to us After that is received by you box.

Step 2:

Once we get your sample your epigenome will be analyzed by our boffins within our laboratory using a DNA methylation assay.


Measure 3:

You'll obtain an electronic report with your age and healthier recommendations.

The Science of Indicator

Index can be a breakthrough in the field of aging. We formulated this new test with all the help of custom engineering and scientists.

My novels are Revolutionary Road and also The Berlin Tales. They helped make me the man I'm now.

Index is driven with the Elysium chip, designed with the assistance of a pioneer in array-based technologies and DNA sequencing. This technology permits us to create high quality analysis into the rates.

We're researching software to your Index platform our goal is to Index by Elysium Health give , personalised wellness and fitness insights that are exceptional to assist you to survive better to.

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Your era is that the age in. Use it to observe if generating life style and also different changes may impact how you era later on.